From All of Us at Kismet: Thank You!

Humanity is now facing mounting inequalities that have been illuminated by the international pandemic. Not only are we faced with our own personal challenges but one cannot turn away from the overwhelming challenges others are facing. It is difficult to know how to contribute meaningfully to a better society and it is normal to feel overwhelmed when inundated with pleads of need. That is why we want to thank every single donor who contributed to Kismet Rock Foundation this year. The belief our supporters have in the work we do is humbling and moving beyond words. Kismet Rock Foundation does something beyond what anyone person alone could ever do- it provides marginalized youth who exhibit extraordinary character with the opportunity to belong. Belonging that takes place not only within themselves, as they begin to understand their own personal potential through the act of rock climbing, but also to belong in a community, or better, a family. We are a small organization, but the individual impact we make is great and we couldn’t do it without you!

2020 Support


Patti Armstrong
Adam Ballard
Barbra Barton
Chris and Jeannie Bishop
Paul Boissonneault
Mark Boydston
Tom Boydston
Richard Brown
Charlie Burnham
William and Elizabeth Chapin Jr
Nikolaus Crain
Bethanie DA’mico
Lauran Dantowitz
Mary and Bliss Dayton
Owen Dayton
Richard and Claire Devellian
James and Jean Drummond
Dana Etra
Ashley Farrell
Darlene Ference
Leonard Forys
Scott Gamwell
Andrew Geller
Marilyn Geninatti
David and Kristen McDermott
Lindsey Garland
Marilyn Grant
Elaine Griffin
Charlie Gunn
David Harder
David Homan
Berthold and Valerie Horn
Douglas Huntley
Steven and Corinne Jacovino
Bengt and Kathryn Karlsson
Richard and Bonnie Katzman
Dan and Judy Kennedy
Norm Gamache
Peter Lindalh
Robert and Sarah Lloyd
Don Lynch
Martha Marcello
Marty Markenson
Pearl Masciulli

Pete Masterson
Patricia Mattox-Larson
Mary Mcardle
Jess McCluskey
Tollie Miller
Ross and Mary Mitchell
Robert and Jean Murphy
Hugh Owens
John and Alice Pepper
Joseph &Judy Perez
Ross and Liv Perry
Brian Post
Catherine Riley
Ronald Robichaud
Bretton Russell
Joseph Rutherford
Joseph Scott
Russ and Dorothea Seybold
Dragon Slayer
Robert Snover
Nathan Faulkner
Robert J Murphy
Leonard M Nelson
James Torpey
Robin Tost
David and Beth Trumper
Peter Vacca
Lawrence Weiner
Jacques Sultan
Janice Wolf
Mimi Wong
Ted and Sharon Wroblewski
Cherra Wyllie


Arc’teryx Boston
Clif Bar Family Foundation
The Kendal C. & Anna Ham Foundation
May Kelley's Cottage
Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund
New England Biolabs
North Country Cares
Salt Pump Climbing Company
The Ryan E. Bishop Outdoor Leadership Fund
Six03 Endurance