The Three Pillars

The 1st Pillar: The Children We Serve

Kismet students are from cities and towns throughout New England. They are children with limited material and social capital, languishing in personal and cultural isolation, not noticed at the margins of their social and school settings; children who have nearly lost hope but retain a spark for life often hidden behind a sad or reticent affect; children not yet in need of therapeutic intervention, but instead desperately in need of opportunity to freely develop their individual human potential.

Kismet’s unique and carefully developed method of identifying such children includes developing a relationship with sending schools, giving presentations to potential students, requiring candidates to apply, and then carefully interviewing candidates, teachers, and guidance counselors. In this way, Kismet consistently finds children who are most in need and most able to respond to the investment we will make in each student.

The 2nd Pillar: Education in Technical Rock Climbing

Kismet’s carefully designed and managed education in technical rock climbing presses the development of almost every aspect of a child’s intellectual and physical confidence and potential and is the perfect match and antidote for children whose potential is being lost amidst limited material and social capital.

The 3rd Pillar: A Family-like Atmosphere

Kismet students live in a compassionately inclusive family-like environment during the four years that they are in the program. Each group of eight remains together throughout their Kismet years. This consistency and the family-like atmosphere are each critically important because our students are otherwise typically immersed in considerable social, cultural, and/or family instability. Children bond instantly with other students because of their shared experience with similar backgrounds. And they bond with Kismet staff because they are seen, listened to, and loved as welcome members of their Kismet Family.