Kismet Rock Foundation announces appointment of new Board Members

North Conway, NH, March 2023

The Kismet Rock Foundation, a North Conway based nonprofit organization that offers rock climbing to underserved youth throughout New England, is pleased to welcome new board members Anthony Capone and Reed Van Rossum to their Board of Directors.

Capone is from the Lakes Region of NH, and is the Vice President and Commercial Relationship Manager with Northway Bank. He is passionate about serving the needs of the community, particularly in rural, statistically underserved areas. With his expertise in finance and participation on other nonprofit boards, he will help advise on business sustainability, board governance and future growth goals of the organization. He is active on other area nonprofit boards including The Gibson Center for Senior Services in North Conway.

“I was drawn to Kismet because growing up in an inner-city community, I can closely relate to how critical having experiential and positive social opportunities were to gaining confidence throughout my school years. I had similar opportunities in my youth that were formative in my personal growth and path to school and now career,” said Capone.

Van Rossum of Bartlett, NH, is an educator of 33 years teaching English at the middle school level, most recently at Kennett Middle School in Conway, NH. His educator’s perspective and experience with youth will help guide staff in innovative program ideas, staff support, and understanding additional resources that can be presented to the students.

“I recently retired from the classroom but as an avid educator I seek opportunities to work with kids and I found that Kismet’s mission and philosophical approach are aligned with my approach to engaging youth,” said Van Rossum.  “Creating educative experiences which help youth grow not just intellectually, but socially and emotionally is very powerful and I look forward to participating in the experience with the students.”

Kismet Rock Foundation serves youth from eight New England towns including Boston, MA, Portland and Fryeburg, ME, Manchester, Berlin, Gorham and Bartlett, NH. Every student is provided a scholarship and attends a one week program each summer for four years.

About Kismet Rock Foundation

Founded in 2000 by Mike Jewell, Kismet Rock Foundation nourishes the physical, intellectual, and emotional development of underserved rural and urban children throughout New England before they enter their formative teen years. Our success in redirecting the path and supporting the potential of children is accomplished by providing a comprehensive education in technical rock climbing within the context of a stable and loving family-like atmosphere.