At The Cliff – Photos

"Kismet allowed me to achieve things I never thought I could, in an environment full of loving and caring people."

"Kismet gives me a second home where I can feel safe and respected."

"Being at Kismet gave me hope. It made me resilient."

“I became aware that it was really possible to succeed.”

“My teachers had told me there were great things out there in the world and Kismet demonstrated that this was true and that I could find those great things.”

“Kismet has helped me create more meaningful connections/relationships and grow as a person. My whole Kismet experience has been filled to the brim with love and caring people, new experiences that spark my senses and fuel my passion for climbing and learning, a wonderful feeling of safety, stability, and being accepted.”

"A lesson from climbing: Things get hard and you'll struggle a bit but if you put in enough effort you can do almost anything!"

“Kismet is important because it's a chance to get out and try new things. A chance to see where I can go or what I can do after I graduate.”

“I discovered my strength that I honestly - definitely underestimated.”



The following photographers have made significant donations of their time and photography to Kismet:

Patrick Bagley
Lindsey Garland
Eric McCallister
Brian Post
Anne Skidmore
Rob Vandegrift