Looking Ahead: Program Season 2021

Due to the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot say with absolute certainty what lies ahead. Yet, it is our full intention to move forward with a typical summer program for the 2021 season. We will spend the winter preparing for the program, presenting, and interviewing students. Our goal is to run a 7-week program throughout July and August. We intend to bring back our 2020 year 4 students who would have graduated the program this past summer. Like every graduating group, they deserve one final experience to climb at Cathedral Ledge, to enjoy the family-like atmosphere of the house life, and celebrate after a proper graduation ceremony. We will adapt our processes and program in any way possible to maintain both the integrity of what we do and the safety of our staff, students, and community.

Staying True to Who We Are: The Kismet Mission

Kismet Rock Foundation enhances the physical, intellectual, and emotional development of well-functioning but economically disadvantaged children from urban and rural areas across New England. Kismet provides a comprehensive education in technical rock climbing, within the context of a stable and loving family-like environment. These scholarships are offered to children from the ages of 12 through 16, as they enter their critical teen years. By developing a student’s potential, Kismet students are better prepared to positively contribute to their communities and their culture throughout their lives.

Why It Works: Unique Aspects of Kismet

  • Kismet accepts students from a range of geographic and cultural backgrounds, and an equal number of girls and boys. Thus, our students have an extraordinary opportunity to develop friendships and learn from children whose experience is very different from their own.
  • 100% of summer program interns and staff are all graduates of Kismet. This provides students with role models they can closely relate to. It also provides opportunities for graduates to give back and grow professionally.
  • Rock climbing is a vehicle through which aspects of Kismet students’ potential are developed. Climbing sharpens problem-solving skills and critical analysis, requires a deep sense of presence, and enhances physical strength and grace.