Alyssa Riley

Exectuive Director

After growing up in Rhode Island, Alyssa spent her college years at the University of New Hampshire, obtaining a master's degree in occupational therapy. From there, she moved to Rutland, VT, and worked as a therapist in a mental health setting at the Rutland Regional Medical Center. While living in Rutland Alyssa found her passion for climbing, some of her most memorable experiences while living there involved a small local crag and even smaller rock gym.

From 2016-2019 Alyssa followed her dream and traveled around different parts of the globe; climbing and hiking along the way. While traveling she volunteered for All Hands and Hearts, a disaster relief organization, and later began working there as a Volunteer Engagement Coordinator.

Drawn to both the human experience and wonders of nature, she serendipitously found Kismet when she returned from South America and has since become the organization's Executive Director.

Summer 2021 Program Staff


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Kismet Grad, 2013

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Kismet Grad, 2014

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Kismet Grad, 2015

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Kismet Grad, 2017

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Kismet Grad, 2017