Program Staff Qualifications

Employment Openings

Please view the Employment page for current opening with Kismet Rock Foundation.

Climbing Staff

Kismet instructors are highly qualified. They must satisfy the following criteria:
1. Applicants unknown to Kismet staff must submit a resume and two professional references from a reputable guide service.

2. All Kismet instructors must either:

  • Have completed the AMGA 10-day rock instructor course and have worked full time for at least two years with a reputable guide service.
  • Have had a minimum of 5 years experience as a full time climbing guide on terrain at least equivalent to the complexity and size of New Hampshire cliffs.

3. All applicants unknown to Kismet staff must spend a day guiding a core Kismet instructor.

4. Must be WFR certified or equivalent.

5. Experience working with children is a plus.

Summer In House Staff

Provide daily living support, supervision and organization for 8 students between the ages of 12-17. This position can be from 2 to 4 weeks during July and August. Each workweek begins on Sunday and runs through the following Saturday. Hours are overnight from 4:00 PM to 9:00 am.  Some additional hours are necessary for student arrival day, shopping and household management.

Responsibilities include caring for our students, engaging them in conversation and activities, insuring safety and appropriate conduct, preparing meals with students and other staff members, housekeeping, and transporting students to evening activities.

Staff must enjoy interacting with children of this age group while being firm and very caring. Staff must be reliable and consistent in regard to supervision, have previous experience working with groups of children, flexibility and humor is necessary. You must have a valid drivers license and CPR certification. Lifeguard certification is a plus. A background check is required prior to employment.

Kismet Interns

Interns are graduates of the Kismet program, and because their age is much closer to the age of our students than that of the rest of our adult staff, they are in a unique position to be a source of comfort and stability and to act as liaisons between the adult staff and students.

The internship is a professional position. As such, it is an opportunity to develop a sophisticated sense of responsibility toward others. This responsibility includes an understanding of clear communication and the vulnerabilities, limitations, feelings, and strengths of others. The position is also an opportunity to gain an increased awareness of one’s own attitudes and behavior.

Interns work for 1-2 weeks during Kismet’s 7 weeks of programming. Kismet’s program runs through July and August. Interns must be at least 18 years of age. The intern position is a paid position and the hours of work are typically from 4 pm to 9 am, Sunday-Saturday.

The Kismet intern program exists to accomplish four goals.

  1. For our students to gain from the previous Kismet experience of our interns.
  2. To offer interns a professional experience in which they have serious responsibilities relating to the safety and comfort of others.
  3. To further develop the relationship between our interns and Kismet.
  4. To prepare interns as potential in-house staff members.

Interns are expected to:

  • Empower students to talk to us if they are unhappy in any way.
  • Listen to our students and make themselves available to them.
  • Maintain a high level of maturity and control. This is beneficial to both students and adult staff.
  • Keep notes during the program. We expect a report regarding both the pleasures and problems that are experienced while working with us.