Board of Directors

Brian Fowler

Brian and his wife Betsy (a retired teacher & current Kismet Board Member) live in Madison, NH. Brian has a degree in Geology, is a semi-retired consulting engineering geologist, and the author of more than 20 professional papers including the only scientific treatise on the geology and collapse of the Old Man of The Mountain. He is currently involved in research on the late-glacial geology of northern New England and southeastern Quebec and is a member of the Adjunct Faculty of the UNH-Granite State College. He is a former President (1981-1996) and current Life Trustee of the Mount Washington Observatory. He and Betsy are active mountaineers and have been members of the American Alpine Club since 1978. Brian is a co-founder of the Mountain Rescue Service.


Adam Lane-Olsen

A Northern Michigan native, Adam resides with his wife Alison and two children Monroe and Elin in Fryeburg, ME. Adam works with renowned boot maker Peter Limmer, formerly managed a local bank branch, and sits on the Board of Directors of North Country Cares as treasurer. Adam also teaches courses in Religion and Philosophy for Hutchinson Community College. He received his BA from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota and MA from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. As a skier, rock climber, and outdoor enthusiast, Adam takes advantage of much of what the Mount Washington Valley has to offer. Adam is also an avid woodworker and enjoys spending time in his workshop.


Maureen Soraghan

Sharing a love of the Mt. Washington Valley with her family, Maureen Soraghan moved here from Massachusetts 13 years ago. As a local school administrator, Maureen’s focus was on the education of disabled students. After practicing law with a Concord-based firm, Maureen embarked on a solo practice which assists those with limited resources in obtaining legal representation. Maureen is also a certified Guardian ad Litem and shares with Kismet Rock Foundation the vision that teamwork and decision-making in a natural environment will make successful leaders of the participants. Maureen enjoys tennis, skiing, kayaking, and watching others scale mountains.

Board Member

Sue Crowley

Sue Crowley resides in the town of Chatham, NH with her husband Bob and 2 Border Terriers, Sheila and Leia. She joined the Kismet board in 2014 and has already volunteered at the cliff and hosted cookouts at her home.

Board Member and Kismet Graduate

Anna Demarco

Anna Demarco is the first graduate of the Kismet program to be accepted onto the board of directors. After completing an internship, Anna applied to be on the board in hopes of becoming the voice of the students. She is a local to the Mount Washington Valley, graduating from A. Crosby Kennett Sr High school in 2007. Anna is an artist in her free time, she enjoys painting as well as photography. She hopes to continue her education in the field of psychology in order to pursue her dreams of helping children.

Board Member

Janet B. Wilkinson

Janet B. Wilkinson's history of involvement with Kismet goes back to 2003, with previous work roles ranging from administrator to interim director, and volunteering as a climbing instructor most summers. Her current work is as co-director of marketing at Salt Pump Climbing Company, a seasonal climbing guide at Cathedral Mountain Guides and providing development consulting for local nonprofits and businesses. Janet's other current volunteer focus is on improving our local food system. During free time you'll find her out climbing and doing other mountain sports, and puttering in the gardens, fields and forest surrounding home with her husband, daughter and dog.

Board Member

Betsy Fowler

A retired special education teacher and a longtime AMC and Mt. Washington Observatory member, Betsy Fowler led guided hikes out of Pinkham and ran the AMC Mountain Leadership Workshop with her husband Brian in the 1970’s. She is currently a New Hampshire Chapter trip leader and ski trail adopter. She has led many AMC Adventure Travel trips all over the world. Along with hiking and skiing, she has a passion for observing and photographing wildflowers, especially alpine flowers.

Board Member and Kismet Graduate

Lindsey Garland

Lindsey became a student at Kismet Rock Foundation in 2007, and hasn't been able to stay away since. She graduated from Kismet in 2010, interned in 2013 and became an in-house staff member in 2014. She has seen the program grow over the years, and hopes to help it impact the lives of it's students for years to come. She was born and grew up in the Mount Washington Valley. In May of 2017 she will be graduating from Saint Michael's College with BA's in both Studio Art and Media Studies with a Journalism concentration. She is also the Climbing Program Coordinator at the Saint Michael's College Adventure Sports Center. In her spare time she enjoys climbing, skiing and photography. She is the fourth graduate to join the Board.

Board Member

Pete Masterson

I have been a supporter and fan of Kismet since volunteering with Mike Jewell to help guide the kids when the program was in its infancy. As a result I was able to watch as Mike challenged himself and the program to become what it is today – an amazing opportunity for underprivileged children to glimpse into a world that many of us take for granted. This world of self empowerment. I could not be more proud to be a part of this foundation as I have seen the profound affect it has on the students that go through it. As a professional I work in the world of entertainment and am a cinematographer by craft and a co-founder of a production company with my sister. We are currently developing content to produce through the next 10 years. As a high school student I volunteered with several non-profit groups that worked to help the homeless in New York City. I always reveled in the fact that I could see the immediate affect my work had on the people we were trying to help. KIsmet works in the same capacity, and does so because it is not solely about teaching kids how to climb. It is precisely this characteristic of Kismet’s philosophy that makes it so successful, I think. I am honored and proud to be a member of the solid team that is Kismet.

Board Member and Kismet Graduate

Gashim Nyapir

Gashim Nyapir was born in South Sudan and moved to Portland, Maine in 2004. He graduated from Casco Bay High School in 2015 and is currently studying psychology at Southern Maine Community College. Gashim graduated from Kismet Rock Foundation in 2014, volunteered/interned in 2015, and is currently sitting on the Board of Directors. In his spare time he enjoys playing sports such as football, basketball, lacrosse, and more.

Board Member and Kismet Graduate

Ari Moulton

Ari Moulton was born in New Hampshire and lived in the state foster system until her graduation from Farmington High School in 2014. She is presently living in North Conway with her dog Mally and working full time in the Attitash offices. Her aspiration is to acquire a degree in law and to be an advocate for children who are in the state system and who have no voice. Ari says that Kismet was the first context in which she felt stable and on which she could rely. Together, Ari and Gashim are the second and third graduates of Kismet to join our Board.

Board Member

Donna McCluskey

Donna is an accountant and graduate of Northeastern University (BS in Business Management). She has 20 years of experience in business, accounting, and being a volunteer treasurer.

Past Board Members

Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to:

Steve Bamsey
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Steward Dunlop
Sasha Eisele
Sarah Garlick, Past Chairperson
Danielle Gelinas
Chris Graham
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Brian Post, Past Chairperson
Cheryl Rocheleau
Claudine Safar
Jessica Soroka
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Patricia Irwin
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Ted Wroblewski, Past Chairperson
Laurie Farrell

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