Spring 2018 Fundraiser

Dear Friends:


Summer is almost here. This will be our 19th season of ‘redirecting the path and potential of vulnerable children,’ and we know this is only possible because of our family of donors - we are truly grateful for your continued support. It’s that time again, and we invite you to show your support for our students by joining our spring campaign as a donor at any level. Please, help us fulfill our $15,000 Spring Campaign goal with a donation of any amount, today!


"Kismet to me has been so perfect, to a point where it seems unreal. Kismet united me with the most important people, I believe, I will ever meet. All of you shaped the man I am today. The best times of my life have been my weeks here. In 7th grade, my mother was in jail, my father disappeared before I knew what one was, my brother was selling drugs, and my sisters were runaways. I was lost. When you interviewed me, you told me that you saw endless potential in me. You made me try to be the best possible version of me."

-A Kismet Graduate from Manchester, NH


Eight weeks of programming commence in early July here in the Mount Washington Valley. Every student who will join us is in danger of ‘falling between the cracks’ because they are desperately in need of opportunities to develop their individual potential but are not yet in need of therapeutic intervention. During each week of their four years at Kismet, students will participate in a carefully planned curriculum of climbing education while living cooperatively in a supportive home environment among both peers and adult mentors. There is no program like this in the country.

We’ve been on the road a lot these last few months, visiting sending schools to interview and offer scholarships to first year students and organizing climbing get-togethers for older students and graduates at local indoor gyms in each of our sending school areas (Bartlett, Berlin, Gorham, and Manchester, NH; Boston, MA; and Portland and Fryeburg, ME). Reconnecting in person through the winter and spring is a new aspect of our program, and has been an effective way to keep students engaged with each other, to practice their skills, and to be reminded how much they matter to us.

If you are a climber, you already know that each experience can be singularly transformative while also contributing to an overall continuum of learning and partnership. Please, join us this spring so we can continue to offer each Kismet student the same.


With gratitude,

Janet Wilkinson

Board Chair


PS: We hope you will join us to reach our $15,000 Spring Campaign goal – every dollar counts!

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