A New, FREE Way to Help Kismet: TD Bank Affinity Program

Have you wanted to help Kismet but are without spare cash to donate?

Please consider this special way to earn money for Kismet without spending a penny. This is NOT a click-a-day campaign; it is a real way to generate long-term income for Kismet with one simple phone call or visit to your local TD Bank branch.

TD Bank’s Affinity Program is very simple:

  • You call or stop into your local TD Bank and tell them you would like to have your account be part of Kismet Rock Foundation’s Affinity Program, we are member code A2075.
  • TD Bank will monitor all of Kismet’s linked accounts and make an annual donation that is based on the average balances. So .5% of your average checking account balance and .25% of your average savings account balance will be tallied into a major annual donation to Kismet from TD Bank!
  • The only catch is that we need 50 accounts linked to Kismet before we start receiving the annual donation.

Please help us get the first 50 signed up! This is a totally free and secure way for you, your child (first savings account?), your friends and your colleagues to help Kismet serve children in need with valuable summertime educational programming.

Please call or visit your local TD Bank today and tell them you want your account linked with Kismet Rock Foundation, or start a new account and have it linked! (Please note that there is no online sign up, you must call or visit your local branch to sign up.)

Huge thanks to the North Conway TD Bank Branch (phone number 356 5466) for inviting us to be part of this great program!