Q&A with Kismet Board Chairman Brian Post

We recently caught up with longtime Kismet volunteer and the newest chairman of the Kismet Board of Directors,  Brian Post:

Where are you from originally and how did you end up in the Mount Washington Valley?
I grew up in CT, went to college in ME, and spent a couple years living in Utah and Oregon after graduating. More recently: there have been some extended travel breaks and a winter in New Mexico a few years ago, but I’ve been living in this area for the past 10 years. My most significant early connection to this area was working in the AMC Huts during college.

What do you do for work?
I’ve been self employed as a photographer for the past 7 years and my work is varied. As an example, I could be photographing a wedding one day and then hanging from a rope to shoot climbing a couple days later. I also enjoy working on websites and have started a website development company.

You have been involved with Kismet in many capacities over the years – all as a volunteer – from photographing students at the cliffs to design and upkeep of the website to your most recent role as the Chairman of the Board. What drives you to give so much of your time and energy to Kismet?
There’s no question that it can be hard to carve time out of our lives for volunteer work, but I know that Kismet is an amazing organization that impacts and changes students’ lives for the better.

What are your hopes for the organization during your tenure as Chair?
Kismet has experienced a great deal of growth, both in terms of children served in the program and maturity as an organization. I hope to help continue sustainable growth in both areas and additionally focus on financial stability.

Do you have a favorite story from your time out with the Kismet students?
I don’t have a specific story, but it’s always great to see students deal with and overcome mental challenges encountered while climbing.

You spend a lot of time in the White Mountains, skiing and climbing and photographing. Care to give up one of your favorite little-known spots for the Kismet audience?!
This is definitely not little known, but spending time in the alpine zone on Mount Washington will always be a favorite of mine.

Any other thoughts?
Thank you to all the supporters of Kismet. I would also encourage anyone to take the opportunity to meet our students through volunteering or attend a Kismet event.