February 2018 Funding Updates and News

While we are in the midst of a long of New Hampshire winter, our lives are brightened by the opportunity to meet and get to know children who retain a sparkle in their eyes and hope for a better future in spite of significant difficulties in their lives. In January we visited all of our sending schools to present the Kismet program to prospective students. The work of the school counselors and teachers at each school is vital in identifying students who would most benefit from the program and we are grateful for the tremendous support of each school. We will be returning to each school in February to interview children who apply and talk with their guidance counselors to find the children who are most in need and able to respond to our program.

We receive donations throughout the year and we are overwhelmed with the kindness of those who contribute to the lives of our students. Each student who attends the Kismet program receives a full scholarship. Without the generosity of individuals, family foundations, and private charitable foundations, the impact of a Kismet experience on the lives of our students would not be possible. We are truly grateful for each donation we receive.

We have a solid foundation of support for the 2018 season through many individual donations as well as the following contributions:
Ohnell Family Foundation: $25,000
The Ohnell Family Foundation has been a supporter of Kismet for several years since Mr. Ohnell attended a presentation with our founder, Mike Jewell, and two of our alumni. To hear the impact of Kismet on the lives of our students is powerful. The Ohnell Family Foundation also made a contribution earlier in 2017 for a new van to continue safely transporting our students. It is difficult to express in words our gratitude for this tremendous gift.

Nelson Charitable Foundation $15,000
The Nelson Charitable Foundation has been supporting Kismet with generous gifts for many years. The early support of those such as the Nelson family helped Kismet develop into what it is today. Some of the students supported during the early years are now serving on our Board of Directors and working as in-house staff, giving back to the organization that significantly impacted their lives.

Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation: $20,000
The Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation provided funds to cover half of the tuition costs of 20 students from Coos County. We are honored and grateful to be working with the Tillotson Fund and the young people of Coos County.

The Ryan E. Bishop Outdoor Leadership Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation $6,757
The Ryan E.Bishop Outdoor Leadership Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation has been a supporter of Kismet since 2011. Each year the Bishop family hosts an Explore for Bishop hike to celebrate the life of their son Ryan, honor his spirit, and carry on his enthusiasm for life. We are humbled by their support for Kismet. For more information about the Ryan E. Bishop Outdoor Leadership Fund and the Explore for Bishop annual hike, please visit www.exploreforbishop.org.

The Stare Fund $5,000
The Stare Fund provides this gift to Kismet in honor of Janet Wilkinson. Janet and the Stare Fund have been long time supporters of Kismet. Janet was instrumental in helping develop our program into what it is today and has returned to serve as Kismet’s Board Chairperson. Her energy is contagious and we are excited to continue working with Janet!

Thank you to everyone who has supported Kismet through donations or service. We couldn’t do it without you! If you want to learn more information on how to help, send us as message at: [email protected]

Executive Director Chad Laflamme giving a presentation to prospective students at a sending school.

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