2012 Annual Appeal

For the past several years, Kismet Rock Foundation has given hundreds of economically disadvantaged students an intensive education in technical rock climbing while providing a consistent family-like atmosphere in which to live. The results that we see over time suggest that the multi-faceted experience Kismet offers provides a life changing opportunity for many of our students. One of our Kismet graduates has worked as in-house staff for the past two seasons and is currently pursuing her college degree.   Another recently contacted Kismet to tell us about how his experiences with Kismet helped him focus more on his goals. Many students tell us that Kismet is their second family or that Kismet is their home.

We would like to offer more students the chance to transform their lives through climbing, the opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of their environment, and the joy in overcoming seemingly impossible—vertical—obstacles. We need your help!

Some words from our students:
Kismet showed me how exciting the world is.
Kismet is my second family.
It was one of the best weeks of my life.
Kismet opened my eyes to the world.
I’d come back for the rest of my life if I could.

Last year, you helped us meet our goal—and we added an extra program week, in addition to a new sending school in Berlin, NH. Help us again this year! We would like to raise $25,000 by December 31, 2012! We plan to use those funds to expand our program to include students from Vermont, increase our enrollment by 20%, update our equipment, and expand our curriculum. Will you please help and Join Us?