Q&A with Sasha Eisele about Caliente!

Sasha Eisele, events committee chair and secretary of the Kismet Board of Directors, took a few minutes to talk to us about the upcoming Caliente! A Night of Salsa Dancing to Benefit Kismet Rock Foundation.

Q: What is in the name and the theme of this event?

Kismet is celebrating its 10th year of programming in 2009 and we decided this momentous occasion deserved a special celebration. In addition, many friends of the organization suggested the community needed an event that offered something extraordinary, an experience that otherwise wasn’t available in the area. Lots of great ideas came from our winter brainstorming sessions but one resonated with everyone immediately.

It could have been the fridged days of winter or the envy we felt when a few close friends returned from Cuba with stories of late night dancing and catchy salsa beats, we all agreed an evening of Latin music and dancing was exactly what we wanted. Caliente (meaning hot in Spanish) evolved from there.

Q: The events committee decided to move away from the typical sit down dinner. What are people in for in terms of food at this event?

The event committee felt strongly about giving the entire event a more social, community oriented feel. Changing the food presentation from a sit down dinner, where people were stuck at one table, to a cocktail party atmosphere made a lot of sense. Local restaurants have been responsive and generous, offering the donation of signature heavy appetizers to be passed and served at food stations.

Look for tasty treats and drinks from Cafe Noche, Bangkok Café, Flatbread Company, sushi from our secret source, Irish fare from May Kelley’s Cottage, The White Mountain Cider Company, Delaney’s Hole in the Wall, Chef’s Market and Frontside Grind.

Q: Tell us about the silent auction this year.


Auctions can be a ton of fun or a complete bore. The success of an auction depends so much on the engagement and enthusiasm of auction committee members and donors. This year we pulled together our animated, visionary committee members and asked them to brainstorm items for their dream auction bids. The suggestions were incredible! After our brainstorm we figured out who in the room had the connections to makes these dreams reality. Low and behold many of the items we came up with were at our fingertips.

Get ready to bid because this year’s auction is full off great items and experiences. Here is a sneak peak at a few items, stay tuned to Kismet’s website for a complete pre-event listing of all our items.

-Coastal Maine cottage getaway

-Website design

-Original artwork

-SOLO WFR Course

-A sailing adventure and island experience in Portland, ME

-A scenic air tour in The White Mountains

-Sterling Rope


Q: And what else can folks expect to find at the event?

I can’t give away all the surprises! I can tell you this is going to be an unforgettable night out. I promise you will retell stories of the hippest MC in The Valley, touching accounts of Kismet alumni experiences and the night you watched a friend learn to salsa.

Q: How do people get tickets?

Tickets are available by phone or online thanks to Brian Post and his website savvy. Thanks to generous sponsors, who underwrote most of the cost of the event, ticket prices are affordable and almost all of our revenue will go directly to support Kismet programming.


Q:Anything else to add?

Confession. On the same evening as Caliente! I am responsible for planning and executing an event for one of my non-profit clients in Southern New Hampshire.

As an event planner you would think events are a dime a dozen to me at this point. They aren’t. I am so envious of everyone who has the night free to attend Caliente!. I thought long and hard about how I could be in both places at once, if you have any good ideas call me, otherwise please check this event out, take photos and share stories with those of us who are called away by work.

Se divierten mucho para mi!